After a 20-year school reunion, a group of women - now in their late thirties - meet to reconsider where the past two decades have left them.  As teenagers in the 70s they were from relatively affluent backgrounds, well-educated and well-equipped to control their fertility though contraception or abortion. All had high expectations about the perfect partner: he would be both soulmate and friend. But reality has fallen short of their expectations and they now find themselves without partners, without children, sitting on biological time bombs.

It’s Karla, still the ringleader, who hatches the plan. Why not have babies anyway? If they haven’t got partners, so what? Who needs men once the deed is done? The others are incredulous. Karla reminds them of their old bravado – that dimly remembered, wild, all-conquering feeling. They could make a pact and procreate en masse. One by one, the others are seduced by the idea. All except Dianne.

Louise comes to realise her affairs with married men are taking her nowhere and a flirtation with introduction agencies only depresses her. Maybe if she had a baby she’d have something of her own to love. Of course she would have to totally reorganise her hectic career, which doesn’t allow time for a life, let alone a baby.

Sue goes into the scheme in the same way that she has launched into most other ventures – completely irrationally. She compares their lives to that of Simone de Beauvoir, the French writer who had been faithful to her feminist principles and her man, but ended up with only her principles. These could be the babies that Simone de Beauvoir never had.

Dianne is the only one who Karla fails to convince. She knows a baby is not what she needs to make her happy and she lashes out at the others for their questionable motives.

The series follows the rocky and imperfect execution of the perfect plan – though miscarriages, rekindled flames and unexpected romances.

Starring Sally Cooper, Anne Looby, Leverne  McDonnell and Sonia Todd.

2 X 2 hours or 4 X 1 Hour

An Artist Services/ ABCTV production in association with PRIMETIME