Local Series Of Hit Global Survival Show ‘Alone’ To Air On SBS In 2023

ITV Studios Australia commissioned to produce Australian version of international hit where contestants compete to survive the longest in remote locations.

Production for ‘Alone Australia’ has commenced with ITV Studios Australia deploying 10 survivalists to a secluded pocket of Aussie wilderness, with the new series set to premiere on SBS next year.

Originating in America the rough and raw reality show has since spread globally with the new Australian series joining Sweden, Denmark and Norway who have existing local versions.

Unique amongst the ever-growing slate of competitive reality TV, ‘Alone’ sees 10 contestants stranded alone (of course) in harsh, unforgiving terrain and allowed only 10 items each from an approved list.

These survivalists need to not only survive the cold temperatures, the unrelenting weather and who knows what else lurks out in the darkness, but are required to film themselves for the duration with no contact from producers, crew or other contestants.

Ultimately one Aussie will unknowingly be the last person standing, taking out the cash prize.

Talking to The Guardian, SBS’s head of documentaries, Joseph Maxwell, says applicants will need to be more than just your everyday camper:

“There is no point someone going in there if they haven’t got the basic skills. You do need people with a certain resilience – the great thing is, you can’t predict that. And we really want to ensure cultural diversity, First Nations representation and also women as well,” he said.

“I think [First Nations knowledge] is integral to the show. We’re always on First Nations land. And I think one of the things Alone has done quite usefully, with some of the First Nations Canadian stories, is effortlessly thread in that acknowledgment of the lands we’re on, that there might be certain customs or traditions that we’re able to inform people about.”

‘Alone Australia’ continues production in a yet-to-be revealed secluded Australian locale and will air on SBS in 2023.

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