ITV Social Purpose

Our goal is to produce the biggest shows with the smallest environmental footprint

At ITV we take our social responsibility seriously – we are More than TV.

Our ITV Social Purpose has become a major focus for the whole company on a global scale and, through the power of creativity and content. We hope to have an impact on the daily lives of others by challenging and inspiring people to make positive changes, as well as shaping culture for good, by reaching audiences through our programs and messaging.

In line with our Social Purpose, ITV is investing in new efficiencies and ways of working to ensure that we are working towards a sustainable future, with environmental goals set for 2030 and beyond.

There are four key areas that form the ITV Social Purpose strategy:

ITV is investing in initiatives that focus on both physical and mental health to encourage our colleagues to take action to improve mental wellness. ITV has set a target of 200 million actions to improve both mental and physical health by 2023.

ITV has a major emphasis on sustainability across all productions, worldwide. We have some ambitious decarbonising goals set by ITV plc to achieve by the year 2030:

Waste - Zero waste by 2030 (use of single-use plastics)
Energy - Zero carbon emissions by 2030
Sourcing - 100% sustainable supply chain by 2030.

Productions, globally, will be working on reducing their waste by ensuring they are ‘albert certified’ which is a UK environmental body encouraging both the TV and film industries to reduce their carbon footprint, as well as a reduction of waste, by adopting waste-free innovations and best practices.

At ITV, we embrace the inclusion of colleagues from all cultural backgrounds, races, sexuality and disabilities and support the championing of diversity.

ITV is for everyone.

Our Diversity Acceleration plan is well underway. We have a number of internal networks that support and encourage both diversity and inclusion across our workplace; hosting events and raising awareness for everyone who works at ITV.

ITV strongly encourages staff to support community initiatives and charities where volunteer work is both promoted and encouraged and fundraising for various causes is supported across our teams.

ITV Social Purpose

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